Advantages of having a Japanese knife

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Hard Steel

Japanese cooking knives are made from hard steel, that is stronger than the steel used in western knives. The stronger steel allows a smaller angle, of around 10 degrees in one-sided knives. The western knives is ground 20 degrees in both sides, resulting in a 40-degree edge. Smaller degrees allow a more precise cutting. The hard and thin steel is less tolerant to irregularities, so the production process is difficult and expensive.

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Less Sharpening

The better quality steel reflects in higher hardness than western knives and an edge less likely to bend. This allows the knife to stay sharp for longer. Western knives have thick bolsters that complicate the sharpening process. Japanese knives with no bolsters and a single bevel are easier to sharpen. Overall, the japanese chefs knives are easier to sharpen and need less frequent maintenance.

Sharper Edge

The japanese knife is light, sharp and thin, perfect for slicing delicate pieces. It should not be used in heavy tasks, like breaking bones. The hard steel at a fine angle allows precision cutting and puts less stress on the hands of the chef, as it slides naturally through the piece. Overall, the japanese knife outperforms any western cutlery. 

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  1. very nice article. Japanese knife is very well quality. they usually used it for cut hard and big fish. thank you for sharing with us